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Why Choose Rhino Mediation?

At Rhino Mediation, we understand the importance of effective communication, cooperation, and preserving family bonds during times of separation or divorce. Here are some reasons why choosing us for parent mediation in Chorley can make a positive difference:

Expertise and Experience

Our mediators are highly trained professionals with extensive experience in family dispute resolution. They possess the skills necessary to facilitate open and productive discussions, ensuring that both parties have an opportunity to express their concerns and find mutually agreeable solutions.

Child-Centric Approach

We prioritize the well-being and best interests of the child throughout the mediation process. By involving the child's perspective and needs, we help parents develop parenting plans that foster stability, consistency, and positive parent-child relationships.

Neutral and Safe Environment

Our mediation sessions provide a neutral and safe space for both parties to express their thoughts and emotions without judgment. We create an environment where open communication is encouraged, helping families move towards resolution with empathy and understanding.

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Understanding Parent Mediation

Parent mediation is a voluntary process that involves the assistance of a trained mediator to help separated or divorcing parents reach mutually acceptable agreements regarding child-related matters, including custody, visitation, and financial arrangements. Rhino Mediation, located in Chorley, provides a safe and neutral environment for parents to discuss their concerns and work towards practical solutions that prioritize the best interest of the child.


The Process of Parent Mediation

Initial Consultation

The journey begins with an initial consultation, where we gather information about your specific situation and discuss our mediation process. This consultation helps us determine if parent mediation is the right approach for your needs.

Mediation Sessions

Once both parties agree to proceed with mediation, scheduled sessions will be facilitated by our trained mediators. Each session provides an opportunity for open dialogue and constructive problem-solving, allowing both parties to express their concerns and explore potential solutions.

Identifying Issues

Our mediators help identify the key issues that need to be addressed, such as custody arrangements, visitation schedules, and financial responsibilities. By clarifying these issues, we can work towards developing practical and sustainable agreements.

Exploring Options

We encourage creative thinking and exploration of various options during the mediation process. Our mediators will guide you in considering different perspectives, helping you find innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of your family.

Reaching Agreements

As progress is made, our mediators will assist in drafting a comprehensive parenting plan that outlines the agreed-upon arrangements. This plan serves as a roadmap for co-parenting, ensuring consistency and stability in the child's life.

Benefits of Parent Mediation


Parent mediation in Chorley, provided by Rhino Mediation, offers a valuable resource for families navigating the challenges of separation or divorce. By promoting effective communication, prioritizing the well-being of the child, and reducing conflict, parent mediation empowers parents to make informed decisions and work towards mutually acceptable agreements. Through this collaborative process, families in Chorley can find a path toward healing, strengthening family bonds, and creating a nurturing environment for the growth and development of their children.

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