Child Mediation Ashton-Under-Lyne

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Our Approach to Child Mediation Ashton-Under-Lyne

Rhino Mediation in Ashton-Under-Lyne is dedicated to providing a compassionate and expert approach to child mediation. Here are some key features that define their services:

Highly Trained Mediators

Rhino Mediation takes pride in our team of experienced mediators who possess specialized training in child-focused mediation. With their expertise and knowledge, our mediators provide parents with professional guidance every step of the way. They understand the unique dynamics and complexities involved in resolving disputes that directly impact children. Rest assured, our mediators are dedicated to facilitating productive discussions, promoting understanding, and helping parents reach agreements that prioritize the well-being of their children.


At Rhino Mediation, we prioritize the confidentiality of all our mediation sessions, guaranteeing a secure environment for open and honest communication. We understand the importance of privacy in fostering trust and encouraging participants to freely express their thoughts, concerns, and emotions. Rest assured that any information shared during the mediation process remains strictly confidential, providing a safe space for productive dialogue and effective resolution.

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What does Child Mediation Ashton-Under-Lyne offer?

Child mediation Ashton-Under-Lyne offers an effective and constructive process for parents to resolve disputes while keeping the needs and best interests of their children at the forefront. With the assistance of a trained mediator as a neutral third party, parents engage in open and productive communication, guided towards finding mutually agreeable solutions. Through this collaborative approach, child mediation encourages cooperation, fosters dialogue, and leads to the development of parenting arrangements that prioritize the overall well-being of the children involved


Benefits of Child Mediation Ashton-Under-Lyne


Mediation is a cost-effective way of resolving disputes compared to going to court. The cost of mediation is significantly lower than the cost of legal proceedings

Preservation of Relationships:

Mediation sessions involve both parents and the mediator, who facilitates constructive discussions, encourages active listening, and guides the negotiation process.


Mediation is a confidential process, which means that anything discussed during the mediation cannot be used in court. This provides a safe space for parties to discuss sensitive issues

Child-centric Focus Mediation

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