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Finding the Right Child Mediation Services in Batley


All discussions that take place in mediation are confidential, which means that they are not made public in the same way that court proceedings are.

Flexible Outcomes

The outcome of child mediation services is also flexible, meaning that the parties involved can negotiate a mutually beneficial outcome that works for everyone.

Emotional Support

Our mediators are experienced professionals who specialize in providing emotional support to all parties involved in the dispute.

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How Rhino Mediation can help with Child Mediation in Batley

At Rhino Mediation, our team of experienced mediators is committed to helping children in Batley access the mediation services they need. Our team understands the unique challenges that children face and is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all children involved. Our team is also committed to helping children learn the problem-solving and communication skills they need to navigate difficult disputes.


The Mediation Process with Rhino Mediation

At Rhino Mediation in Batley, we use a four-stage process for our child mediation services. These steps include:

Initial Contact

The first stage of the child mediation process is for each parent to contact us at Rhino Mediation and explain why they would like to use our services.

Introductory Meeting

The next stage is an introductory meeting with both parties. At this meeting, we will explain the process in more detail and give each parent an opportunity to ask questions.

Mediation Sessions

Following the introductory meeting, we will begin the mediation process. During this stage, we will meet with each parent separately, as well as together, to discuss various matters, such as contact, residence, and financial support for the child.

Final Agreement

Once both parties have reached an agreement, we will draft a legal document that details the agreed-upon arrangements. This document is legally binding, and both parties will sign it to confirm their agreement.

Benefits of Child Mediation Services in Batley

Child mediation services provide families with a variety of benefits. These include:


Child mediation is an effective way to resolve conflicts between children and their families. Rhino Mediation is here to provide dedicated child mediation services in Batley, helping families to find resolution and understanding. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients, providing a safe and respectful environment for dialogue. We are committed to helping children and families work through their issues in a positive and productive way.

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