Child Mediation Blackpool

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Rhino Mediation's Approach to Child Mediation

Rhino Mediation Blackpool adopts a compassionate and expert approach to child mediation. Here are some key features of their services:


At Rhino Mediation, we prioritize confidentiality to foster an environment of trust and openness. We guarantee that all mediation sessions are conducted with the utmost discretion, creating a secure space for participants to engage in honest and transparent communication.

Child-Focussed Mediation

Rhino Mediation understands the significance of valuing the child's point of view. We prioritize creating a secure environment where children can freely share their thoughts and emotions. Our team of skilled professionals facilitates child-inclusive mediation, ensuring that every child's voice is heard and considered.

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Initial Consultation

The mediator meets individually with each parent to gather information, explain the mediation process, and address any questions or concerns.

Joint Sessions

Mediation sessions involve both parents and the mediator, who facilitates constructive discussions, encourages active listening, and guides the negotiation process.

Child Inclusion

If appropriate, the mediator may conduct separate sessions with the children to ensure their perspectives are considered and their voices are heard.

The Benefits of Child Mediation

Child mediation offers several advantages for families navigating disputes. Here are some key benefits:

Child Mediation Blackpool

Child mediation offers a constructive and child-centered approach to resolving disputes between parents. Rhino Mediation provides professional and compassionate child mediation services, helping families find peaceful resolutions that prioritize the well-being of their children. By choosing child mediation, parents  can navigate conflicts with care and expertise, fostering healthier relationships and creating a positive environment for their children’s future.

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