Child Mediation Services in Corby

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Finding the Right Mediation Services for Your Family in Corby

Divorce Mediation

Going through a divorce can be emotionally draining for all parties involved. Rhino Mediation helps couples amicably resolve issues related to property division, alimony, and child custody, aiming for a smoother transition to the next chapter of their lives.

Custody and Visitation Mediation

When parents find themselves in disputes over child custody and visitation, Rhino Mediation steps in to guide them through respectful discussions, prioritizing the well-being and best interests of the children.

Parent-Teen Mediation

The tumultuous teenage years can strain parent-teen relationships. Rhino Mediation provides a platform for open dialogue, allowing parents and teens to bridge the generation gap and establish stronger connections.

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Expert Mediators Helping Families in Corby

At Rhino Mediation, we are dedicated to providing families in Corby with the best possible service. Our team of mediators have experience in handling a variety of child-related issues, and are committed to helping families find solutions that work for them. We offer a confidential and private service, allowing parents to focus on their children and make decisions that are in their best interests.


The Mediation Process with Rhino Mediation

Initiating the mediation process with Rhino Mediation is a straightforward endeavor:


Reach out to Rhino Mediation to schedule an initial consultation where the issues and concerns can be discussed.

Individual Sessions

Family members may participate in individual sessions with the mediator, allowing them to express their feelings and viewpoints in a safe and private setting.

Joint Mediation

Structured joint sessions are organized, enabling family members to engage in open discussions and work towards mutually agreeable solutions.


Once common ground is reached, Rhino Mediation helps formalize the agreement, ensuring that all parties are satisfied with the proposed resolutions.

Benefits of Child Mediation

Child mediation can provide several benefits to families in Corby. Some of the main advantages include:


Child mediation services can help families in Corby to find practical solutions for their disputes in a private and confidential setting. At Rhino Mediation, our team of expert mediators are committed to providing families with the best possible service, helping them to resolve disputes and reach agreements that meet the needs of their children. If you are looking for child mediation services in Corby, contact Rhino Mediation today.

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