Child Mediation Kidderminster

Mediation is a voluntary process where a trained, neutral third party assists disputing parties to reach a mutually acceptable solution. Rhino Mediation Kidderminster, offers professional child mediation services designed to help families navigate through complex conflicts. Our services are structured to prioritize the best interests of the child and promote healthier family dynamics.

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Rhino Mediation Services: A Path to Peaceful Resolution

At Rhino Mediation, we offer the following services:

Parenting Plan Mediation

We help parents establish a parenting plan that focuses on the best interest of the child, addressing issues like custody, visitation schedules, and more.

Child Inclusive Mediation

We involve children directly in the mediation process, giving them a voice and understanding their needs and concerns.

Family Dispute Mediation

We handle broader family disputes that may indirectly affect the child's wellbeing, providing a platform for open dialogue and resolution.

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What is Child Mediation?

Child mediation is a process where an impartial third party, the mediator, helps parents and children navigate through conflicts or disagreements. The mediator facilitates dialogue, helping parties to understand each other’s perspectives and find common ground. It’s a voluntary process that is confidential and non-judgmental.


The Process of Mediation at Rhino Mediation

The mediation process at Rhino Mediation is systematic and follows a set of steps to ensure that all parties are given equal opportunities to express their concerns and propose solutions. Here’s how it works:

Initial Meeting

This involves a separate meeting with each parent to discuss the nature of the issues at hand, and to determine if mediation is appropriate.

Joint Mediation Sessions

Both parents meet with the mediator in a controlled, neutral environment to discuss their issues. The mediator facilitates the conversation, ensuring it remains productive and respectful.

Agreement and Implementation

If a resolution is reached, the mediator will draft an agreement detailing the decided arrangements. This agreement can then be made legally binding if both parties agree.

The Benefits of Child Mediation

Choosing child mediation with Rhino Mediation comes with numerous benefits:


At Rhino Mediation, we understand that family disputes can be challenging. Our child mediation services aim to provide a platform for open dialogue and collaborative decision-making that puts your child’s interests at the forefront. Based in Kidderminster, we are dedicated to helping families navigate through their conflicts, fostering healthier relationships, and promoting overall family harmony.

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