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Why Choose Rhino Mediation in Lincoln?

Rhino Mediation, located in Lincoln, stands out as the ideal choice for families seeking child mediation services for several compelling reasons:

Local Knowledge

Being based in Lincoln, Rhino Mediation understands the unique legal and cultural aspects of the region, providing tailored solutions.

Compassionate Approach

They prioritize the well-being of all family members, offering a supportive and empathetic environment during mediation.

Efficiency and Affordability

Rhino Mediation provides cost-effective alternatives to litigation, allowing families to navigate transitions with ease.

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The Role of Rhino Mediation

Rhino Mediation, located in Lincoln, is dedicated to providing professional child mediation services. Their team of experienced mediators understands the unique challenges parents face during the divorce or separation process and offers support, guidance, and a child-focused approach to help parents navigate these difficult conversations. By choosing Rhino Mediation, parents can benefit from a compassionate environment that encourages open communication and collaboration.


How Child Mediation Works

Initial Consultation

Parents meet with Rhino Mediation to discuss their situation, concerns, and goals for the mediation process

Mediation Sessions

The mediator facilitates discussions between parents, encouraging open dialogue and guiding them towards reaching mutually acceptable agreements.

Identifying Issues

The mediator helps parents identify key issues related to child custody, visitation, and decision-making.

Exploring Options

With the mediator's assistance, parents explore different options and potential solutions to address the identified issues.

Negotiation and Agreement

Through facilitated negotiation, parents work together to reach a comprehensive agreement that addresses all relevant aspects of their child's well-being.

Documenting the Agreement

Once an agreement is reached, the mediator assists in documenting the terms and conditions, providing a clear roadmap for future reference.

Advantages of Child Mediation


Child mediation in Lincoln offers a constructive and child-focused approach for parents navigating the challenges of divorce or separation. Rhino Mediation provides a supportive environment where parents can engage in meaningful conversations, prioritize their child’s best interests, and reach agreements that promote effective co-parenting. By choosing child mediation, parents can reduce conflict, save on costs, and maintain a healthier and more collaborative relationship for the benefit of their child’s well-being. If you are facing child custody disputes in Lincoln, consider the advantages of child mediation with Rhino Mediation to ensure a smoother transition into this new chapter of your family’s life.

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