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Divorce and separation can create a plethora of issues, especially when children are involved. Disputes over custody, finances, and visitation can further exacerbate a difficult situation for both parties. However, these complications can be resolved through child mediation, a process where a neutral third-party mediator facilitates a conversation between the divorced or separating couples to help make agreements and compromise decisions in the best interest of their children.

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Services Offered by Rhino Mediation Morley

Rhino Mediation provides a range of child mediation services, including the following:

Child Access Arrangements

This involves helping both parents reach a satisfactory agreement about the children's access arrangements. Including when and where their children spend time with each parent.

Financial Support

Child mediation helps parents reach an agreement about finances related to raising their children. This could include child maintenance, contributions to education or other expenses as required.

Child Custody

Child custody disputes are complicated and often require the intervention of a mediator to reach a solution that works for both parties.

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What is Child Mediation?

Child mediation is a voluntary process where parents or guardians communicate with each other through an impartial mediator to resolve disputes in regards to their children’s care post-separation or divorce. The aim is to create a positive outcome for the children without the need for legal battles or court decisions.

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The Process of Child Mediation

During the child mediation process, Rhino Mediation’s expert negotiators help couples learn to work together to plan for their children’s needs following the separation or divorce. Here are some of the steps involved:

Initial Meeting

Mediators set up an appointment with the parents to discuss the process, fees, information they'll need to provide, and what to expect during mediation.

Issues Identification

During this phase, mediators identify parenting issues that need to be addressed, such as access, custody, finance, and child support.

Information Gathering

Mediators will seek information about the family's situation from various sources, including parents, schools, and medical practitioners.

Developing Options

Once the mediator gathers enough information, they will develop suitable options for the parents, taking into account their children's best interests.

Reaching Agreement

Finally, the mediator will strive to reach a mutually satisfactory arrangement while keeping the children's needs in mind, with the end result being a written agreement that both parties can sign.

Benefits of Child Mediation Morley

Child mediation offers several benefits for both parents and children. Here are a few key advantages to consider:


Child mediation may offer effective solutions to disputes pertaining to post-divorce arrangements and make the situation less strenuous for all parties involved – but it requires a skilled and unbiased mediator.

Rhino Mediation Morley prides itself on providing expert guidance in navigating complex mediation processes while helping parties create positive outcomes that benefit both children and their parents.

By choosing Rhino Mediation for your child mediation needs, you can look forward to a respectful, amicable, and cost-effective process to help your family move forward into the next phase of your lives.

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