Child Mediation Oldbury

Separation or divorce can be one of the most stressful things a family goes through, especially when children are involved. It can lead to conflict, anxiety, and emotional turmoil, which can have a lasting impact on children’s well-being. Rhino Mediation is here to assist families in Oldbury, providing experienced child mediation services to help reduce conflicts and find amicable solutions that work for everyone involved.

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Rhino Mediation Services in Oldbury

Rhino Mediation provides a range of mediation services that focus on resolving disputes surrounding children. These services include:

Parenting Plans

Rhino Mediation can assist in creating a parenting plan that outlines how parents will raise and care for their children after separation or divorce. This plan will address important issues such as custody, visitation, schools, medical decisions, and more.

Property and Finance

Property and finance can often be tied up in family disputes. Rhino Mediation can help resolve financial disagreements so that you and your children can achieve financial stability.

Child Inclusive Mediation

Rhino Mediation ensures that children's needs are taken into account during the mediation process. They offer professionals who will speak with the children separately to understand their perspective, which can be included in the mediation process.

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that provides parents the opportunity to reach mutually satisfactory agreements regarding their children, reducing the burden on the courts. Mediation is facilitated by a mediator who is a neutral third party that supervises both parents and helps them to communicate effectively to negotiate agreements. Mediators resolve disputes through the process that enables parents to explore their options and probe solutions based on their child’s best interests.


The Mediation Process

Mediation is a voluntary process that can be entered into at any stage of separation, regardless of whether legal proceedings have been initiated. Here’s what you can expect from the mediation process:

Initial consultation

The process starts with an initial consultation with Rhino Mediation, where they will understand the issues and suggest a way forward.

Joint session

If both parties agree, the next step is a joint session where both parties and the mediator will discuss the issues, identify the options, and work towards an agreement.

Individual sessions

If required, the mediator may also have individual sessions with each party to discuss any specific issues in more detail.


Once an agreement has been reached, it will be put in writing and signed by both parties, making it a legally binding agreement.

Benefits of Choosing Child Mediation Oldbury

Divorce mediation with Rhino Mediation in Kingswinford offers several benefits, including:


Child mediation Oldbury with Rhino Mediation is an effective and stress-free approach to resolving conflicts and finding solutions that work for everyone. Our experienced and skilled mediators work with families throughout Oldbury to help them reach a positive outcome.

From the benefits of child mediation to the mediation process and Rhino Mediation’s services, we hope this guide has provided you with useful insights into the world of child mediation. Get in touch with the team at Rhino Mediation today to explore your options.

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