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How Rhino Mediation Service Assists with Child Mediation in Oswestry

Child mediation is a specialized form of family mediation that focuses on resolving conflicts between children and their parents. In Oswestry, the Rhino Mediation Services are providing this service to help families find peace and harmony in the most challenging of situations. 

A Safe and Non-Confrontational Environment

The primary benefit of child mediation services is that it provides a safe and non-confrontational environment for families to communicate. In this environment, families can learn how to listen to each other without judgment or criticism and talk openly about their feelings and perspectives. This can help to foster greater understanding and empathy within the family unit, resulting in healthier relationships and better conflict resolution.

Constructive and Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Child mediation services can also help families to resolve conflicts in a constructive and peaceful way. By providing a neutral third-party mediator, families can discuss their issues without fear of reprisal or blame. The mediator helps to guide the conversation and ensure that all parties are heard, which allows family members to better understand each other’s perspectives and identify solutions.

Improves Communication and Relationships

Child mediation services can also lead to improved communication and relationships within the family unit. In a non-confrontational environment, family members are more likely to be open and honest with each other. This can lead to more meaningful conversations, a greater sense of empathy, and improved relationships within the family.

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If you are looking for child mediation services in Oswestry, look no further than Rhino Mediation Service. Our experienced and certified mediators can help you and your family come to a mutually agreed upon resolution that meets the needs of your child. Contact us today to get started with our child mediation services.


The Mediation Process with Rhino Mediation

At Rhino Mediation Service, our process for child mediation services consists of five steps:

Initial Contact

The first step is to make initial contact with our team in Oswestry.

Initial Assessment

We will then conduct an initial assessment to determine whether mediation is suitable for the case.

Mediation Session

The actual mediation session takes place. This will usually involve both parents/guardians and the mediator.

Agreement Reached

If an agreement is reached, the mediator will draw up an agreement that both parties are happy with.

Follow Up

We will also provide follow up support to ensure that the agreement is followed.

The Benefits of Child Mediation Services

Child mediation services offer a range of benefits for families, including:


Child mediation is an effective and cost-efficient way to help resolve disputes between separated families. With the help of experienced mediators, families can address their differences in a constructive manner, improving communication and understanding between all involved. At Rhino Mediation Services in Oswestry, we provide families with the opportunity to resolve their conflicts in a safe and supportive environment, providing a cost-effective solution for resolving disputes.

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