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At Rhino Mediation Services in Solihull, we provide professional mediation services to families and children in need of dispute resolution. Our team of experienced mediators are here to listen to both sides of a conflict and help you come to an agreement that is beneficial for all parties involved. We understand the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment, so you can rest assured that your concerns will be taken seriously.

Experienced Mediators

Our experienced mediators are passionate about helping children to reach their goals. We understand the importance of creating tailored plans and strategies to ensure that each child is supported in reaching their goals. Our mediators are highly experienced in providing mediation services, and are dedicated to providing an effective and compassionate service.

Building Self-Confidence

Our team is committed to helping children to build their confidence and establish positive relationships. We work with children to help them to develop self-belief and self-esteem, as well as improving their social, emotional, and communication skills. Our team is dedicated to helping children to develop the skills and knowledge they need to build confidence and reach their goals.

Positive Outcomes for Your Child

At Rhino Mediation Services, we are committed to achieving positive outcomes for your child. Our experienced team works with your child to ensure that they are supported in achieving their goals and reaching their full potential. We understand that every child is unique, and that developing tailored plans and strategies is essential to achieving positive outcomes.

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Rhino Mediation Services – A Comprehensive Guide

Child mediation services provide families with an effective and affordable way to resolve disputes without the need for a court hearing. In Solihull, Rhino Mediation Services has been providing professional and compassionate family mediation services for many years. In this article, we explore how this service can help families in the Solihull area.


What to Expect From the Child Mediation Process

The child mediation process at the Rhino Mediation Service in Solihull follows a specific set of steps to provide the best results. During the process, a mediator will guide the discussion and help both parents and their children to reach an agreement. The process typically involves the following steps:


Introducing the participants to the process

Establishing Ground Rules

Establishing expectations and guidelines

Exploration of Issues

Identifying the issues that need to be resolved

Developing Solutions

Coming up with solutions that work for everyone

Reaching an Agreement

Coming to an agreement that is acceptable to all parties

Follow Up

Following up with a review of the agreement

Benefits of Using Rhino Mediation Services in Solihull

Rhino Mediation Services is committed to offering reliable and professional mediation services in Solihull, and has been providing family mediation for many years. They offer the following benefits:


When it comes to resolving family disputes, mediation can be an effective and efficient solution. Rhino Mediation Services in Solihull specializes in finding resolutions for these disputes, providing expert guidance and support. With their help, you can find an agreement that is tailored to your needs and works best for your family.

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