Child Mediation Wrexham

Divorce and separation can be difficult for everyone involved, especially children. It can also be challenging for parents to make decisions regarding their children’s future.

Child mediation Wrexham is a process that can help parents navigate through these difficult times and make decisions that are best for their children.

Rhino Mediation is a professional Family mediation company located in Wrexham that specializes in child mediation.

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Rhino Mediation's Approach to Child Mediation Wrexham

Rhino Mediation provides a professional and cost-effective child mediation service in Wrexham

Qualified Mediators

Rhino Mediation employs qualified and experienced mediators who are trained to handle complex family matters. Our mediators are highly skilled at facilitating communication between parents and helping them reach agreements that are in the best interest of their children. Our mediators are also non-judgmental, neutral and impartial. This means that they do not take sides or make decisions on behalf of the parents, but rather facilitate discussions in a calm and controlled environment.

Tailored to Your Individual Needs

Our child mediation Wrexham services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each family. We appreciate that no two families are the same. Our mediators work with families to understand their needs and unique circumstances. We customize our services to suit each family and ensure a successful outcome.


All discussions during family mediation sessions are confidential. The mediators and parents sign an agreement that any information disclosed during the process will remain confidential. This means that parents are free to speak their minds and discuss issues in a safe and private environment.

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Why Choose Rhino Mediation for Your Child Mediation

Rhino Mediation is the go-to choice for child mediation Wrexham services. They provide a skilled team of mediators who prioritize the children’s best interest, flexible scheduling, cost-effective fees, a child-centered approach, and complete confidentiality.

By choosing Rhino Family Mediation, parents can minimize stress and conflict during difficult times and reach a mutually agreeable solution that works for everyone involved. Contact Rhino Mediation today to schedule your family mediation appointment and see the difference they can make in your family’s life.

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How Child Mediation Works

Rhino Mediation service takes a solution-focused approach to family mediation. They understand the difficulties of separating and that each family, each case has its unique situations and circumstances. That’s why they offer tailor-made solutions that suit the needs of each individual case. Their process is calm, structured, and respectful. They pride themselves on creating an environment where all parties can work collaboratively, which in turn helps them to tap into the right emotions and find mutually agreeable solutions.

Benefits of Child Mediation

Whether it’s a divorce and separation or conflicts at home, child mediation Wrexham is a wise choice for parents who want to keep their children out of court cases or litigation processes. Child mediation offered by Rhino Family Mediation sessions in Wrexham provides a peaceful, respectful and structured way to resolve family disputes that minimize the negative effects on children. There are several benefits of using family mediation such as it’s cost-effective, quicker, less stressful, preserves relationships and is a confidential process.

Rhino Mediation Can Help

Rhino Mediation in Wrexham offers a range of services to resolve disputes related to children, financial matters, custody, child arrangements, access, and other family-related matters. Their child-inclusive mediation approach, combined with their solution-focused mediators and their expertise in high-conflict situations, ensures a swift and peaceful resolution to family disputes. They strive to foster relationships and encourage peace within families struggling with child arrangements, separation or divorce. Contact Rhino Family Mediation in Wrexham today and take the first step towards a better future for your family.

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