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Rhino Mediation's Approach

Rhino Mediation, based in Buxton, is committed to providing compassionate and professional mediation services to families in need. Here are some distinctive features of their approach:

Qualified Mediators

Rhino Mediation employs highly trained and experienced mediators who specialize in family law and dispute resolution.

Child-Focused Approach

Recognizing the importance of prioritizing the best interests of children, Rhino Mediation ensures that the voice of the child is heard throughout the mediation process.


Rhino Mediation offers flexible scheduling options, including evening and weekend appointments, to accommodate the needs of busy individuals and families.

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Discover How Rhino Mediation Can Help Your Family

At Rhino Mediation Buxton, we understand that family disagreements, differences of opinion, and other issues can lead to tension and conflict. Fortunately, family mediation can offer a safe and constructive way of resolving these issues and helping families to work through their differences. Our family mediation services are designed to empower families to reach their own resolutions together in a respectful and non-confrontational atmosphere.


How Family Mediation Works

Family mediation typically follows a structured process:

Initial Consultation

The mediator meets individually with each party to explain the mediation process, address any concerns, and gather relevant information.

Joint Sessions

The mediator facilitates face-to-face discussions between the parties, encouraging open communication and exploration of possible solutions.

Negotiation and Agreement

Through guided negotiations, the mediator helps the parties identify common ground and work towards reaching mutually acceptable agreements.

Documenting the Agreement

Once an agreement is reached, the mediator assists in documenting it in a legally binding format, ensuring clarity and enforceability.

The Advantages of Family Mediation Buxton

Family mediation offers numerous advantages over traditional litigation. Here are some key benefits:


Family mediation provides a constructive alternative to resolving disputes, especially in the case of family conflicts. With Rhino Mediation’s professional services in Buxton, families can find effective solutions that not only save time and money but also foster healthier relationships and prioritize the well-being of children. By choosing mediation, families in Buxton can experience a positive and transformative approach to dispute resolution.

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