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Dealing with family conflicts can be overwhelming and stressful, especially when emotions flare up. When arguments escalate, it can create a lot of tension and lead to permanent damage to relationships. Fortunately, mediation can be a helpful alternative to resolving disputes without resorting to litigation.

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Services offered by Rhino Mediation

Family mediation is a flexible and collaborative process that can address a wide range of family disputes, regardless of the complexity. Rhino Mediation provides mediation services for the following areas:

Separation and Divorce

Rhino Mediation can help couples going through separation or divorce to negotiate and agree on the division of marital assets, finances, and child custody arrangements.

Child Custody and Visitation

Rhino Mediation can help parents create a parenting plan that addresses the child's best interests, visitation schedules, and communication methods.

Family Financial Matters

Rhino Mediation can help families resolve disputes related to financial matters, including debts, taxes, and inheritance.

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What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a process that involves a neutral third party, known as a mediator, who helps families resolve conflicts and come to a mutual agreement. Mediation can be a highly effective alternative to going through a legal battle, as it allows both parties to have a say in the outcome. During the mediation process, the mediator will facilitate respectful communication between the parties and provide a safe, confidential space to explore the issues and work towards a resolution.

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Process of Mediation

Rhino Mediation follows a clear and transparent process to ensure that both parties feel heard and understood. The typical mediation process consists of the following stages:

Initial Consultation

Rhino Mediation offers a free consultation to discuss your situation, answer your questions, and determine whether mediation is the right fit for your family's needs.

Mediation Sessions

Mediation sessions typically last between 90 minutes to two hours and take place in a neutral and private location. Rhino Mediation's mediators act as impartial facilitators who help guide the conversation and ensure that both parties have equal opportunities to express their concerns and ideas.

Agreement Drafting

Once both parties have reached an agreement, Rhino Mediation will draft a legal document that reflects the terms of the agreement. This document can then be signed and presented in court, if necessary.

Benefits of Mediation

There are numerous benefits to choosing mediation as a way to resolve family conflicts. Some of the key benefits include:


If you are looking for a peaceful, mutually beneficial solution to your family conflict, Rhino Mediation can help guide you through the mediation process. Whether you’re going through a divorce, dealing with elder care issues, or struggling with other family conflicts, our team of experienced mediators can help you reach a resolution.

With our focus on preserving relationships, mediation can be a valuable alternative to court battles, helping you resolve your issues in a way that benefits everyone involved.

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