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Services Offered by Rhino Mediation in Liverpool

Divorce and Separation Mediation

Navigating a divorce or separation can be emotionally challenging. Rhino Mediation assists couples in amicably settling matters like asset division, child custody, and support arrangements, promoting smoother transitions for both partners and their children.

Parenting Plans

For separated or divorced parents, crafting a parenting plan that puts the child's best interests first is vital. Rhino Mediation helps parents develop effective parenting plans that outline responsibilities, schedules, and communication methods.

Elder Care and Inheritance Disputes

When families face decisions related to elder care or inheritance, emotions can run high. Rhino Mediation supports families in discussing sensitive topics and finding equitable solutions that honor the wishes of all family members.

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Professional Team at Rhino Mediation in Liverpool

At Rhino Mediation, our team of experienced mediators will help you and your family resolve your differences in an effective and efficient way. We understand the unique needs of each family and create an individualized plan to help meet those needs. Our team is dedicated to providing each family with the support they need to move forward and create a better future.


The Mediation Process with Rhino Mediation

Family mediation is a structured process that encompasses several stages:

Initial Consultation

The process begins with an initial consultation, during which the mediator assesses the situation and explains the mediation process.

Gathering Information

Both parties provide relevant information to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

Joint Sessions

Mediation sessions involve open dialogue, guided by the mediator, with the aim of uncovering underlying concerns and working towards agreements.

Crafting Solutions

As agreements are reached, the mediator assists in formalizing these agreements in a legally sound manner.

Benefits of Family Mediation

Family mediation can offer a range of benefits to those looking to resolve their family disputes. These include:


In Liverpool, where unity and family values hold immense significance, Rhino Mediation stands as a beacon of hope for families grappling with conflicts. Their expert services offer families the opportunity to rebuild trust, enhance communication, and foster resolutions that are sustainable for the long term. As Liverpool continues to thrive as a city of community and understanding, Rhino Mediation’s dedication to helping families overcome challenges makes them an invaluable asset in the journey toward harmonious relationships.

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