Family Mediation Services in Lincoln

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Finding the Right Mediation Services for Your Family in Lincoln

A quicker resolution

Family mediation is less expensive and less time-consuming than traditional court proceedings.


All conversations during the mediation process are kept confidential, allowing individuals to discuss sensitive topics without fear of their information being shared.

An impartial third-party

Our mediators are unbiased and impartial. They have the tools and resources to give you the guidance and support you need to reach a resolution.

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Get the Right Support for Your Family’s Needs with Rhino Mediation

At Rhino Mediation, we provide families in Lincoln with professional mediation services. Our experienced mediators are trained to handle a variety of conflicts, from financial disputes to parenting plans. We are committed to helping families work together to find an agreement that is mutually beneficial to all members. We understand that every family is unique, and we strive to provide an individualized approach that can help families reach a resolution that works for them.


The Process of Family Mediation Services in Lincoln

At Rhino Mediation in Lincoln, our experienced mediators guide families through a comprehensive process to reach a successful resolution. The process typically involves the following steps:

Initial meeting

During this initial meeting, the mediator will get to know the parties involved, discuss the issues at hand, and work to establish a process for resolution.

Individual sessions

The mediator may then conduct individual sessions with each party involved. This allows everyone to discuss their feelings and concerns about the dispute in a confidential setting.

Working toward resolution

After the individual sessions, the mediator will bring the parties together to explore options for resolution. The mediator will help facilitate communication and ensure that all parties are working toward the same goal.

Legal documents

The mediator will then draft any necessary legal documents that are required to make the resolution legally binding.

Benefits of Family Mediation Services in Lincoln

Family mediation is an effective alternative to court proceedings and offers many advantages for those looking to resolve disputes within their family. Some of the benefits of family mediation services in Lincoln include:


Family mediation is an effective way of resolving conflicts within families without the need for costly and lengthy court proceedings. At Rhino Mediation in Lincoln, we provide professional family mediation services tailored to your needs, helping you reach lasting resolutions. Our experienced mediators are here to help you through the process and are dedicated to providing reliable and respectful services.

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