Child Schooling Disputes – Rhino Mediation can help

What school to attend? Private or state school? These are some of the schooling issues we help couples with at Rhino mediation. Call us today or arrange a call back
There is a lot of consideration of different aspects while the separation of the parents. There are some basic needs of the child and some wants which areto be fulfilled by the separated parents. Other than this there are some basic facilities which are to be provided by the parents. These facilities are provided in order to make the future of the child bright. These facilities are to be decided very carefully as it is regarding the future of the child. The future of the child cannot be played with and all the parties must be spending time to think about it. It is mandatory for the parents to take care of the schooling of the child. Many cases have been seen where the future of the child has been ignored due to the separation of parents. Child maintenance includes not only the payments and finances paid by the parents but also it includes the interest of the parent in the life of the child even after being separated. One of the aspects that is covered in child maintenance is schooling for which the separated parents have to pay. It is to be decided that how much a parent has to pay for the schooling and related facilities for a child.

Rhino Family Mediation And Child Schooling

On being separated, there are some points to be considered while deciding the school of the child and related facilities. Not only a single problem but there can arise various problems as the schooling of the child includes financial support, other support etc. At rhino family mediation, there are some experience mediators who are specialised in handling the situation of child maintenanceand other factors related to it.

A very sensitive decision which must be taken by all the parties including the mediator is the schooling of the child and its education. Some factors like distance of school from the house of the child, quality of the school, day boarding of the child etc. are to be taken care of. The schooling has to be best according to the financial position of the parents and deciding the best school according to the situation can be very stressful for the parents to decide. The mediator help you with deciding the school keeping in mind all the factors which are communicated by the parents to the mediator transparently. All the facts and figures must be coming get it to the mediator without any hesitation so that he can decide what to do and what not to do. This is how we help you to decrease the stress you can have while handling such complicated situation by yourself.

The income also decides about the quality of the school for obvious reasons as the parents have to pay for two different residences now there is less affordability for paying the fee for a private school. The amount to be paid by each parent is decided by the mediator and their financial position and also the fact that how much a parent as an active part in taking care of the child. The parents can be reluctant about which school child has to be sent to. Other factors like religion, tradition etc. can come into existence while deciding the school.

As there is a need to answer all these questions, this can only be done through a mediator to reduce the complications that can arise. Mediator through rhino family mediation can solve the problem of child maintenance and the decisions related to it. We have all the experience you need to solve the above-mentioned problems in any case.

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