Mediation Information And Assessment Meeting

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When the parents have made the decision of separation due to some valid and strong reason then resolving any lingering dispute can be very complicated and it must be managed correctly.

It is advisable to hire a third party expert to handle the situation of separation. 

What is a MIAM?

There are various options that are available in dispute resolution and the decision-making process and the parents must be made aware of all the options available to them.

A Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting is conducted in order to make the parents aware of the advantages and disadvantages of mediation in such a situation.

The parents must be well informed about the mediation process and the realities and formalities which are to be followed. There can be a lot of fights which arise out of the decision-making as in the process of deciding the amount of contribution each parent has to make can be complicated.

The advantage of the Mediation information and assessment meeting is that the terms and conditions are well made clear so that the chances of a dispute are reduced.

The services of mediation are recommended in the first place before the proceedings of the code which saves a lot of time and effort.

Legal procedure is followed by the mediator and the parents can take full advantage of the mediator who is an expert in handling the situation and has a specialised training for the purpose.

The main purpose of mediation is to secure the life of the child and fulfil is basic requirements. It is made clear in the meeting that all the decisions are taken in the interest of all the parties involved including the life of the child.

If you choose the Rhino Family Mediation for hiring a mediator for yourself, we will provide you with the best mediator for your situation who will clear all the terms and conditions for you and other information so that you can take decisions without any delay.

We have a very strict process for the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting as there has to be an application which is given to the court stating that a person authorised to attend the meeting has attended it.

It is mandatory for the parents and involved parties attend the meeting. There are some examinations which can help the parents to not attend the meeting.

These exemptions are domestic violence, concerns with child protection, agency, attending the previous meetings etc. If one of the above exemptions applies to you, you do not have to attend the meeting.

Rhino Family Mediation makes sure that all the formalities are fulfilled and if you approach the court into the matter, the mediator will help you to fulfil the documentation that is required to complete the proceedings. See the fees here

You can evaluate the options you have in the meeting to resolve the disputes. Mediators help the parents to maintain the best balance between their work life and the new family.

So, the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting is very important as this may be the first time for the parents are going through a separation and they must know how the whole process works.

Rhino Mediation Information And Assessment Meeting