Rules Of Mediation

Its important for anyone to attend mediation they understand and follow the rules as mediators we need to faciliate the process. Contact us for more information

The parents witness lot of complications when they have arrived to the decision of being separated with each other keeping in mind the strong and valid reasons they have to get a divorce. The problems that arise from the situation must be handled properly so that the life of the child is made secure. Only in case of following the correct procedure of mediation, will it be made sure that there are no disputes among the parties involved in separation and the future of the child is secure through accurate decision making. Many people are not aware of the process of mediation and try to use their own experience to handle these situations which will always and into a fight as there are no proper rules and regulations that are followed. The complexity of the situation will tell you that how much of disputes can occur from the situation and how much the rules and regulations are required to be followed. Parents have to take an interest in the life of the child and they have to contribute their money and time so that the child gets proper financial and moral support which will help him in his future. The life throws a lot of challenges on the child when he grows up and he must be able to handle those challenges without any fail. Parents must be able to maintain a proper balance between their work life and new family along with considering the life of the child and its importance. Parents are very hesitant and reluctant to provide proper financial support to the child as they think that he is not a part of their life now. It is the responsibility of the parents and they must fulfil it.

The time that is taken in the process of mediation is a choice of the parents themselves as they can choose the mediator for some decisions and take some decisions by themselves which are very personal for them. The mediator will help you in almost every situation as there are many questions that arise in the minds of the parents and these can be answered immediately by an experienced person.

Rhino Family Mediation And Some Ground Rules In The Process

Some rules are very important to be followed when the process of mediation is being carried out so as to avoid the disputes among the parents and the parties involved in separation. Any delay in decision making due to disputes will always affect the life of the child and this must be avoided. It is the duty of the mediator to assist the parents to develop the ground rules in the process of mediation and these are as follows.
  • There must be no interruptions while the parents are presenting their own opinion into the matter which will avoid any fight and the clarity of information will be obtained.
  • The parents must call Each Other by their names without using the words he or she.
  • The process of blaming and attacking the other party must not be done and this will avoid the fight of the parties involved. There must be no putting down of each other by commenting on the personal lives they have.
  • The priority must be set as the life of the child is more important because he is the one who is affected the most due to separation. Parents must take interest in the life of the child and this must reflect in their decision making.
  • They must listen to each other with due respect and game clarity of the opinions they all have.
  • All the perspectives must be taken into consideration and due sincerity must be provided to the speaker at any point of time whether it is a parent or the mediator.
  • Any unproductive argument must be avoided and they must agree upon a mutual consent after the end of the process.
  • All the legal formalities must be fulfilled by the parents as well as the mediators on their part.
  • The parents can point out the mediator if they think that he is being Biased at any point of time. If something is not working correctly they can point it out to the mediator.
  • If any of the people in the room who are discussing about the matter need a break they must communicate it immediately.
  • The focus of discussion must be for the long term in the future and not for the past records.

The above rules are to be maintained by the mediator as well as the parents and all the parties who are involved in the discussion of decision making. Following these rules will make the conversation more effective and accurate decisions will be taken out.

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