Agreement with Children in Wakefield

Making Agreements for Children After Family Mediation in Wakefield

During the legal separation or divorce process, one of your concerns is how you can protect the best interests of your child and support their needs. Although you and your ex-partner will take separates paths, both of you need to be responsible for taking care of all costs.

Good thing, family mediation services are here as they can help you with a lot when it comes to making agreements for your child while helping you to restart your life. To ensure that you are on the right track, it is best for you to take advantage of the professional services of Rhino Family Mediation services.

Getting Help with Agreeing

If you want to end up with effective child agreements, the in-depth knowledge and experience of mediators from Rhino family Mediation services in wakefield is an advantage.

With the help of a mediator, you, along with your ex-partner, can create your desired child agreements without favouring one side. Keep in mind that family mediation at wakefield is not a process which forces parting couples to stay together or even a relationship counselling.

Ideally, it is a process where you and your ex-partner get valuable help in agreeing on the details necessary on how you can move forward and how you are going to look after them, including:

Where Your Children Will Live

This is one of the important things you and your ex-spouse need to both agree with. You need to decide whether your child will stay in your custody or in your ex-partner. Here, you need to consider their best interests, from comfortable living up to how convenient your place will be for them.

When Your Children Will Spend Time with Each Parent

During the family mediation at wakefield, you also need to discuss the time your children will spend with you and your ex-partner. That way, your child still has the chance to bond with each of you. Both parties can decide how long do children will spend time with each parent weekly or anytime which they think is applicable.

What Type Of Communication Method Will Used

You and your ex-partner need to determine when is the best time for you to contact your children. Besides, you also need to discuss the type of communication method you can use, such as phone calls or via social media networks.

Child Maintenance Payments

As a huge part of the agreement, both sides need to determine how they are going to support the financial needs from daily needs to education. It is also necessary for you to figure out what will be the payment arrangement, whether you will directly give your financial support or you will open a bank account for your children.

Getting More Help Agreeing

In making agreements for your children, you and your ex-partner need to make an effort to reach an agreement. Apart from that, you can also:

  • Ask the solicitor about the possible alternative ways in resolving disputes out of court
  • Seek for reputable organizations near you
  • Find social support services that handle drug abuse or domestic violence

Getting Help If Not Agreeing on Everything

During the family mediation process at wakefield, there are some instances that you might not agree on the certain proposed agreement. So, the best way you can do is to ask your mediator any alternative solution to polish the agreement.

To determine whether a family mediation at wakefield is best for you, it is necessary for you to attend a meeting before going to court. You are not required to go due to several reasons, including if you are a victim of domestic abuse or when social services are being involved.

If you want to ensure that you will obtain the best agreements for you while moving forward, you can hire the professional help of Rhino family Mediation at wakefield.

Contact our team at Rhino family mediation in wakefield today to find out more on how we can help you in business, separation, decisions making and courts we are here to improve your experience.

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