Child maintenance disputes

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Child maintenance dispute?

Child Maintenance how to reconcile?

There are a lot of children that benefit from the child maintenance support from the mediation institute.

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Child Maintenance what is it?

Child maintenance mainly deals with the financial support given by both the parents to maintain the child's quality of life. Child maintenance is a plan in between you and your youngster's other moms and dad.

When one of the moms and dads no much longer lives with them, this consists of exactly how your youngster’s living expenses will certainly be paid.

It’s done when you’ve been divided from the other parent (or if you’ve never ever been in a connection before).It shall be paid in respect of:
Kids under 16 years of age
Children under twenty years old and in full time education, approximately A level or equivalent

Kids under twenty years old and also living with a registered moms and dad to get youngster benefits

Kid assistance is, by its nature, typically paid in difficult circumstances after the end of the relationship. Nonetheless, it is necessary to keep in mind that it is not intended to punish moms and dads without full-time care. It is just a means of ensuring that both parents add to the expense of elevating a youngster; among the obligations of being a moms and dad.

Child maintenance resolution

The money to be paid depends upon the income of the parents and it is to be calculated through mutual consent or involving a third party.

We help you to decide the amount of money to be paid and how much part a parent has to take in the child’s life.

You just have to give us accurate details about your income and expenses and give us an idea how much you can pay for the child maintenance.

How to deal with child maintenance disputes

There are various ways to deal with Child maintenance resolution. There is no point in using the court's judgements on such matters as these are strictly personal.

Rhino Mediation offer a friendly environment for the parents to disclose all the information about their income so that we can provide the best maintenance for the child. We help you with all the information that is required to decide child maintenance and our mediators have a lot of experience help couples find the best solution to these issues.

Most parents are conscious of how much they have to pay for child maintenance and who will take care of the child actively.

Parents have to agree upon an amount. We help you to reach an agreement on such matters that both the parents are happy with. Start with booking a MIAM

Explaining options easily - no jargon

With the help of Rhino Family Mediation, parents can provide all the necessary information in a friendly manner without using the law and explain the different paths they can take moving forward.

Any support other than financial support is also welcomed in the matter of child maintenance.

Our mediators are specially trained in such area and help you to guide through the law and reach a solution both the parents have agreed upon.

The mediators consider all the points kept by the parties in front of them and then make their own judgements in order to decide the amount to be paid.

This eliminates the chances of any disputes that can occur as the area is very complicated sometimes.

You must contact us so that you can do the process very quickly and easily.

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