Parental Rights

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What are your rights as a parent?

An alternative to using the court to resolve disputes for divorce and separation is mediation.

The main task of mediation is to secure the future of the child whose parents are separating.

In the mediation process, both the parties must have an opinion about the child‘s future. The opinions must be transparent as it is very important to disclose all the facts.

It is very important to take help from an expert to exercise all your rights after being aware of that. If both the parties have a will to corporate, mediation can prove to be a very successful process. 

You can avoid all the efforts and time wasted in the court. The process of mediation is much quicker and cheaper. Mediation has been very popular and its popularity continues to grow.

Importance Of Parental Rights

Parents have a lot of rights regarding their children. Along with the rights come the responsibilities and they have to take the correct decisions at the correct time so that the child’s future is not hampered. Not being aware of these rights can be very dangerous for all the parties involved. Parental rights can be exercised and terminated by law. Parental responsibility mediators have experience in these areas. 

Parental rights are those rights which refer to parents opinion regarding the education, healthcare, religion etc. of the child.

In cases where the parents are separated, the rights can be extended to custody and visitation.

These rights are mandatory for many families, this can be altered in cases when the parents are separated or disputed.

The rights of a parent can be terminated in certain cases. If paternity is not claimed by a father, or nobody has established against him, then he would have no parental rights.

The rights of both the parents can be terminated by the court. This can be done because of the following reasons by wish, in case of abuse, mental illness, abandonment of child, alcohol impairment etc.

Hence a parent cannot independently exercise his or her rights blindly.

Rhino Family mediation, we help you to be informed about each and every aspect of being separated including parental rights.

The cases in which you can exercise them and the cases in which you cannot.

All the situations are covered by our experienced family mediator.

A parent may be made liable in certain cases. Liability of parents can be reduced or terminated which is similar to the parental rights.

Parental liabilities considered to be terminated automatically when the child reaches the adult stage. If parental rights are terminated, the parental liabilities are automatically terminated.

The terms of family mediation cannot be dedicated to parents and it is an impartial service which is solely dedicated to the future of the child.

Parents have to reach a decision so that the child’s future can be decided.

Participation of a parent in mediation is voluntary. Parental responsibility mediators have experience in these areas.

It can be very difficult and challenging for a parent to ensure that he knows the legal rights and responsibilities they can exercise and trying to establish or terminate rights or responsibilities.

We help you to provide all the necessary information regarding parental responsibility. Family mediation takes place and liabilities through your experience mediators who guide you through the legal framework of the process.