What Is Shuttle Mediation?

We undertake an assessment with each person separately participating in mediation to establish the most safe and appropriate way to mediate.

Sometime same room is possible and for other couples the mediation would be in separate rooms

Want to mediate, but can't be in the same room?

The mediator has to make some arrangements for meeting the parents were separated at different locations at the same time and then travel back and forth to both the room so that the opinions of both the parents are taken into consideration at the same time and these can be compared to and corresponded with each other.

There are two types of mediation and these are the normal one and the shuttling process.

Is Shuttle Mediation for me?

The shuttle process is very important in some situations when the parents are not comfortable to share information in front of each other.

There are various situations in which this process is used and there is a need to implement this process when the statements of both the parents are needed to be reconciled.

It is important to test both the parents and see that if they provide the correct information about the finances and the contribution they can make for the child after separation.

Shuttle mediation has proved to be very successful in many situations. The word shuttle mainly means to go back and forth and shuttle mediation is the same process as the mediator going to the two rooms in which both the partners are seated and questioned.

The complications arising when the parents get separated make them uncomfortable to share information in front of each other.

This is where the mediator enters and maintains a friendly environment so that the parents have the freedom to share anything and the information is kept confidential from each other.

In a normal situation, the mediator sets down with the parents together and discusses the finances budget remediation is an opposite of that process.

As parents have to take interest in the life of the child, it is to be seen that which parent is taking how much interest in his or her child’s life.

The process of mediation mainly means that the life of the child is made secure through the decisions made in consent with all the parties interested.

The financial support has to be provided by the parents and through shuttle mediation, the mediator can find out how much each parent can contribute on their own. The opinions of both the parents are taken into consideration and then the mediator steps in so that they can contribute with their own experience so that the decisions are taken so that the interests of both the parents are not affected.

Rhino Family Mediation provides you with an experienced mediator who can handle the most complicated situations easily as they are well-trained and have done this before.

There are many areas which have to be considered for making decisions to ensure the child happy including finances, holidays, school fees, parent’s interests, child’s interests etc.

All these can be solved through shuttle mediation and there can be a combination of both the types of processes to reach to the perfect decision at the end. The decision that has been made at the end is very sensitive for the child and his life.

The contribution that can be made by both the parents is decided by the mediator take into consideration the opinions that they have given being in different rooms. Parents must not be hesitant as the information must be provided accurately and it should be correct without withholding anything.

Rhino family and shuttle mediation

What is Shuttle Mediation?

Shuttle mediation is when the parties involved in a dispute sit down in separate rooms (usually both physically and virtually, if for video or telephone mediation) and the two mediators hound each other through a series of conversations to try and reach a deal. The mediators then bring in the parties to a central location for a face-to-face meeting. If the negotiations go well, a deal is reached. However, if they do not, then more negotiation will likely be required. Before venturing into shuttle mediation, you should be aware of what it involves. First, you and your party are seated in a room (in most cases one big room) with a few chairs and a table where the two mediators sit and chat. You may also find yourself seated with a friend or two, if at all possible.

As you may have guessed, the mediators are there to answer your own questions and to seek out your views and opinions on the matter. While it’s perfectly acceptable to ask your own questions, it’s not usually advised to ask too many. Some people find it useful to ask one question at a time, especially those who are having difficulty in swallowing their emotions well enough to speak about the topic.

Once both parties have had a chance to speak their mind, a very important part of the conversation comes into play. This is where the mediators try and convince the other party to agree with them or come to an agreement that is agreeable to both of them.

Shuttle mediation usually goes smoothly once the two sides have come to an understanding and a compromise has been struck. However, if there is any friction that needs to be resolved, then it will probably come up in the course of the conversation. When this happens, the two mediators will try their best to make the other party feel at ease and calm down. This can often be helpful in smoothing out any disagreements that are occurring, but it may not always work.

An important thing to remember is that the whole process of mediation is not about you and me. It’s about the parties. So, it’s important that you get involved at least initially. in order to give yourself a voice and let your feelings and thoughts be heard. If you’re able to do that, then you’ll be more likely to feel like you’re being heard by your spouse and this can help you get more out of the conversation.