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Rhino Mediation offers a flexible and convenient out of hours service for couples struggling to mediation meetings durng office hours. Contact us today.

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We can help couples balance their work, life, social and family time by offering some late evenings and Saturdays all by arrangement.

Financial support for the child is very important by his separated parents as money is very important to get the basic necessities of the life to be fulfilled as well as some of the wants which a child has. Money is needed to grow as well as to fulfil the entertainment in life. Other than the financial support, it is very important for the parents to provide moral support to the child in difficult times as well as in happy Times show that the child does not miss his parents even after their separation. The separation of parents must not make the child suffer in the future ahead and he must do well in his life. The career of the child is very important for the parents before separation and it must be important for them even after separation. Child maintenance is the most important topic as there are many decisions under this head and these are to be taken very quickly as delays can slow down the process of growth in the child. The decision making is not very active in many parents as they are reluctant to provide that support that is needed by the child. Proper communication is very important between the child and his parents. It is very important to know how the parents make the proper balance between work life and family commitments. The work life is as important as the family as money is very important for a family to grow and fulfil its basic needs. Parents must take an interest in the life of the child even if they have to handle the new life and the new family after separation.

It is very important for resolving disputes that the parents know the details about their work life and family commitments so that they can handle the pressure of taking care of the previous child they have.

Rhino Mediation And Out Of Hours

It is very important to hire a mediator into the matter of separation of parents as they will cover all the areas of decision making by taking into consideration the statements of both the parents and their contribution they can make for the child. The mediators follow the whole process of knowing about the life of the parents and taking decisions accordingly. It is very complicated to take decisions as the process includes a lot of numbers that are to be handled by the mediator. The mediator helps the parents by reducing the delay of decision making which makes the child’s life to suffer. The work life and family commitments that the parents make are to be communicated to the mediator so that he can make decisions accordingly that what time each parent can give to the child for taking his care and fulfilling his needs and wants. Mediators in sure that both the parents work by coordinating with each other. Lack of coordination can lead to suffering in the child’s life.

Out of hours is a concept in which the mediator will be there to know about the work life and family balance that the parents have to make after separation. It is the most important topic for the parents to understand as this is what keeps them busy and out of that important time they have to take care of the child. The contribution of this time is very sensitive for the child as well.

The information provided to a mediator must be very accurate and honest. This will help the mediator to decide exactly what amount of finance is to be provided and it has to be done very accurately. The information provided to the mediator is kept confidential as we are professional and any information that can potentially harm any parties involved is dealt with professionally. It is important for the parties to be interested in the child’s future as a child cannot have an opinion about his own future in the early stages of life. It is important to provide a suitable home for the child which is the first step we do.

We help you to make the situation of a divorce less complicated as we handle all the emotions that a child has when his parents are being separated from one another. It is very important for the child to understand and we help him to reach the normal stage again very quickly.
It is very important to know the importance of mediation as your child is a human and needs a good life ahead. In case of a divorce, mediation must be mandatory keeping in mind the benefits we provide. It is important for the child to understand the situation more than adults.

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