Financial Disputes After Separation

Rhino Mediation can help with finance disputes.

Its better to discuss and agree with an impartial third party than going to court always.

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Who is going to pay what and how much?

A lot of disputes can occur while deciding the financial requirements of the child and regarding these requirements, there has to be a contribution from the parents who are separated.

A proper step by step process has to be present for solving such disputes and deciding what parents must be contributing what amount.

How can mediation help us agree?

Financing the future of the child is with the child maintenance process which is the main purpose of mediation.

Most parents are not aware of the mediation process and they do not know what to do in such situations by themselves.

It is important that parents take care of the child‘s basic needs as well as fulfil their wants so that they can lead a life that is full of entertainment and their future is as secure as any other child’s.

Any hesitation while deciding who contributes what to the child’s future can lead to disputes and fights which can only be solved when a proper process is followed for deciding such amount.

It is very important to provide financial support as well as emotional support so that the child will not miss them even after their divorce.

To resolve every dispute, there is a process to be followed which will help you to decide how much you will contribute.

Parents must not handle the situation themselves and also must not involve the court in the matter. The best solution is to follow the process that a mediator will advise you to.

The mediation company which you will decide to take help from is to be chosen very carefully.

There is a process that has to be followed officially when there are finances to be decided for the child.

Rhino Family Mediation is very experienced in handling the situation of finance and the mediators will always help you for your own good so that the final decision is fairly made.

The process that is officially followed for the child’s finance is given below.

  • The primary step is to find out the income of each parent and what are the savings they can make every month so that the child’s daily needs are taken care of. 
  • Then, the mediators find out what each parent can contribute by taking their suggestions into consideration and using their own experience in reaching a fair decision at the end. There can be a negotiation in this step.
  • By taking the mutual consent of both the parents and using our own experience, we reach a fair decision that is in the interest of all the parties and the child.

The court must not be involved in such matters as these are very personal and parents are reluctant to share information regarding their finance to anyone.

The facts and figures must be honestly communicated and this can only be done if the mediators maintain a friendly environment which is not the case with the court.

Parents and other parties must be honest with the mediators which will help them to make a decision quickly so that the child does not suffer.

Rhino Family Mediation and Finances