Options For Mediation

Mediation is just one of the options couples have when they are separating or divorcing.

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What are the options?

A lot of complicated issues have to be faced by the parents and the child when it comes to their separation.

Each and every party has to support each other so that they do not face many difficulties in the process and if they are not voluntarily supporting each other, they can hire a third party so that the decision-making process is made easier.

How are decisions made?

A lot of decisions have to be made when parents separate and there has to be a correct procedure in order to make those decisions efficiently.

There can be a lot of disputes which arise in the process of decision making and these disputes must be resolved.

Decisions should be made in a calm and friendly environment. This is only possible if the parents co-operate with the third party they have hired who an expert in handling the situations of decision is making in such complicated situation.

Decisions not only have to be taken regarding the life of the child, the finances, their basic needs etc. but also regarding which method of mediation has to be chosen and which is the most suitable one for you.

There are different mediators who are specialised to handle a lot of different situations and you can choose from the different options you have regarding mediation and communicate this to your mediator.

As you can decide the time that can be taken in the process of mediation, the options you have an also taken by you so that the time and effectiveness of mediator is determined.

When the parents get separated, there are many decisions to be made and these should be decided by a mutual consent so that all the decisions regarding the process of separation and the security of the life of the child are agreed upon moving forward.

The experts recommend that you hire a mediator so that you have help with all the formalities that have to be fulfilled. You can choose the option of face-to-face discussions in which there is a possibility of a dispute and an unproductive argument or to mediate separately in shuttle mediation or online. 

There are some merits and demerits of each option and ours mediator will talk you through all your options. There are some merits of the face-to-face discussions as well and these are that the decisions can be taken very quickly and effectively keeping in mind all the factors of separation.

Hiring a solicitor also has its advantages. It is not recommended getting the services of the court in most situations as there are a lot of formalities and this will waste your time and effort. There is also the disadvantage of unknown decisions taken by the court without your consent which is not the case with the mediation process. 

In the end, it is recommended to hire a mediator on the first place who will help you to choose the best option according to your situation and you will have no problems in fulfilling any formalities of any other option you have.

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