Savings After Couples Separation

Savings disputes are common when couples separate or divorce. Contact us today

Disputes over savings?

There are various complications that can arise when it comes to deciding the expenditure of parents’ savings in the life of the child after their separation.

Due to these complications, the parents do not know how to handle them and many disputes can occur.

Who contributes what?

The contribution of each parent from the income they have must be decided.

The expenditure made on the child is decided by the savings done by the parents out of the income they earn.

Some parents are hesitant to spend their income on the child because they want to spend it on themselves after the separation and this is the reason why they do not disclose all the information about the income.

The disclosure of information must be done honestly as it is the question of child’s life and parents must have an interest in their child’s life even after separation and must provide enough financial support in order to fulfil their basic needs as well as the wants and help in making his future secure.

The life of the child must not suffer due to any delay in decisions. There are some steps while deciding what amount of saving the parents will do out of the income they earn. There are some steps to be followed which only an expert can do as they have the experience to handle the numbers.

Hiring a mediator is recommended by experts as they know how to handle such complicated situation and the situations which involve numbers in them must be given in experienced hands. The mediators help the parents to decide that expenditure should be made in which pattern so that it is best for the child. Our mediators are able to decide the expenditure pattern because they have handled such situations before and have gained a lot of experience. 

Mediation will help you to avoid the services of the court from the matter as it is very sensitive to disclose your income statements to some other person. It is the duty of the mediator to maintain a friendly environment and keep the information confidential so that the parents are not reluctant to give any information to us and the decisions you make are accurate. You can avoid wasting your effort and time on the proceedings of the courts as there are many formalities to be fulfilled. To avoid any dispute that can occur in the situation, the mediators will provide you with all the information you need. The main purpose of Rhino Family Mediation is to secure the child’s future by providing them enough support whether it is financial or any other kind. The decisions are taken while considering all the interests of all the parties which are involved. It must be ensured that parents have an interest in the life of the child and only after that mediation can help. It is the duty of the mediator to reach a mutual decision at the end without any delays.

Rhino Family Mediation And Savings Disputes