Disputes Over Pensions

When couples separate or divorce then sometimes can be disputes over sharing pensions and mediation can help you resolve issues.Contact us today

Why is my pension important?

Child maintenance consists of a part that is called financial support by the parents. To provide that financial support, there are various resources from which parents can contribute to the child’s life even after separation which they are elected to.

Parents must have an interest in their child‘s life as it is their duty to make their future secure. The pension is one of the most important financial support for the child which is often ignored by the parents.

How does my pension impact my child?

There have been many examples of disputes arising due to the expenditure through the pension income of the parents as parents think that if they are not working for pension, it should not be spent on the child after separation.

Many parents have such a perception and especially those who have the larger pot of pension than the other. The pension is mandatory to be divided from the parents as an income for the child as a financial support and as mentioned in the law.

Parents do not cooperate to contribute out of the pension; it has to be the court who has to decide in that case.

Many parents are hesitant to spend their pension on their child and his future. Some parents also co-operate in the situation and agree to spend some amount of the income they all out of their pension.

It is not recommended that the court is involved in the matter as it is very personal and many parents do not have such an environment in the court to communicate every information about there income.

The environment must be friendly and the information must be kept confidential. The communication of income information must not be leaked out and must be done transparently.

The mentioned above statement is the duty of the parents as they have to take an interest in their child’s life.

Experts recommend that a mediator must be hired so that all the processes are done without the formalities of the court.

Mediators help you to carry out all the processes in order to decide the amount of contribution that each parent has to make and while the situation consists of some numbers to decide, it has to be handled by an expert and experienced person.

Mediators have a lot of experience from Rhino Family Mediation and have handled a lot of situations like these before.

They know the importance of financial support in the life of the child and help you to know and recognise that importance.

The process must be carried out in a confidential way and friendly environment has to be made.

All the formalities and tasks are completed by the mediators and just have to share every information openly with them. If you approached the court into the matter there are a lot of formalities which have to be done by you without any help.

Mediators also help you in the case where you actually want to approach the court and you need a person to sit beside you. Mediators have an important duty to help the parents to reach a mutual decision considering the interest of all the parties as well as the future of the child.

As pension is one of the most important sources of finance for the future of the child it must not be ignored in any case.

Rhino Family Mediation And Pension Disputes