Child Mediation Services in Eccles

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The Spectrum of Child Mediation Services in Eccles

Rhino Mediation offers an array of child-focused mediation services designed to address a variety of situations and conflicts that families may encounter. These services include:

Custody and Parenting Arrangements Mediation

Navigating custody and parenting arrangements during and after a separation can be emotionally charged. Our skilled mediators provide a neutral platform for parents to collaboratively design custody plans that prioritize the child's best interests. From visitation schedules to decision-making processes, Rhino Mediation helps parents find common ground and establish effective co-parenting dynamics.

School and Education-Related Disputes

Conflicts arising from educational decisions, choice of schools, or special needs accommodations can be distressing for both parents and children. Our mediation services facilitate conversations between parents, helping them craft educational plans that meet their child's requirements and aspirations. By focusing on shared goals, we guide families toward harmonious resolutions that support the child's academic journey.

Health and Medical Care Mediation

Disagreements regarding a child's medical treatments, therapies, or health-related decisions can lead to undue stress. Rhino Mediation steps in to provide a structured environment for parents to communicate openly about their concerns. Our mediators encourage dialogue that respects each parent's viewpoint, leading to agreements that prioritize the child's well-being and health.

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At Rhino Mediation, we understand the importance of family. That’s why our team are passionate about helping families get through tough times. We believe that mediation is the best way to resolve disputes without going through the traditional court system. Our experienced team are here to help you come to a resolution that is in the best interests of the child. Get in touch today to find out more about our professional child mediation services in Eccles.


The Mediation Process with Rhino Mediation

Child mediation, guided by experienced professionals from Rhino Mediation, typically follows a structured process:

Initial Assessment

The process commences with an assessment of the situation, ensuring that mediation is appropriate for the specific case.

Pre-Mediation Meetings

Separate pre-mediation meetings are held with each party to discuss concerns, goals, and to prepare for the joint mediation sessions.

Joint Mediation Sessions

Facilitated by trained mediators, joint sessions encourage dialogue, the exploration of options, and negotiation. The mediators maintain a neutral stance, fostering an atmosphere of fairness.

Agreement Drafting

Once common ground is established, the mediators assist in drafting a legally sound agreement that reflects the decisions reached during the sessions.

Legal Review

It's advisable for both parties to seek legal counsel to review the agreement before finalization, ensuring its compliance with legal standards.

Final Agreement

Upon approval, the agreement becomes binding, setting the framework for the future arrangements concerning the child.

The Advantages of Child Mediation

Child mediation brings forth a multitude of advantages that set it apart from traditional legal proceedings. Some key benefits include:


Child mediation services offered by Rhino Mediation in Eccles provide families with a powerful alternative to traditional litigation when facing conflicts involving children. Through a child-centric approach, enhanced communication, and a structured process, these services empower families to collaboratively shape their futures while safeguarding the well-being of their children. Rhino Mediation’s dedication to facilitating resolution and preserving relationships underscores their pivotal role in fostering harmony and understanding within families in Eccles and beyond.

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