Child Mediation Keighley

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Services Offered by Rhino Mediation Keighley

Rhino Mediation offers a range of child mediation services tailored to meet the unique needs of families in Keighley:

Mediation Sessions

Mediation sessions are conducted in a neutral and safe environment, either face-to-face or online, to facilitate open communication between parents. The mediator guides the conversation, allowing parents to express their perspectives, explore potential solutions, and work towards mutually acceptable agreements.

Child-Inclusive Mediation

Rhino Mediation recognizes the importance of including children's voices in the mediation process, with the consent of the parents. Trained mediators can meet with the children separately, creating a child-friendly space where their needs and preferences can be expressed and considered during the decision-making process.

Co-Parenting Support

In addition to mediation, Rhino Mediation provides co-parenting support services. These services aim to help parents develop effective co-parenting strategies, improve communication, and establish a positive and cooperative parenting relationship for the long-term benefit of their children.

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Understanding Child Mediation

Child mediation is a confidential and impartial process that aims to help parents resolve disputes and make informed decisions regarding their children. It involves the assistance of a trained mediator who facilitates communication, encourages cooperation, and supports the parents in reaching mutually satisfactory agreements that prioritize the best interests of the child.


The Child Mediation Process

Rhino Mediation follows a structured process to guide parents through child mediation:

Assessment and Information Gathering

During the initial assessment, mediators gather information about the family dynamics, concerns, and goals. This helps them understand the specific issues at hand and tailor the mediation process accordingly.

Mediation Sessions

Mediation sessions typically involve multiple meetings, giving parents the opportunity to discuss their concerns, explore various options, and negotiate agreements. The mediator facilitates constructive dialogue, helps manage emotions, and assists parents in finding common ground.

Agreement Finalization

Once agreements are reached, Rhino Mediation helps parents formalize these agreements into legally binding documents, ensuring clarity, consistency, and enforceability.

Benefits of Child Mediation

Child mediation offers numerous benefits in resolving family disputes and promoting healthy co-parenting. Some key advantages include


Child mediation is a valuable resource for families in Keighley facing disputes related to child custody, visitation, or co-parenting. Rhino Mediation offers a comprehensive range of services to help parents navigate these challenges, prioritize children’s well-being, and find mutually agreeable solutions. By choosing child mediation, Keighley families can establish healthy co-parenting relationships that support the growth and happiness of their children.

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