Is Mediation Necessary for Both Parents to Participate In?

Child Mediation

Mediation is a process for solving disputes between two or more parties through negotiation facilitated by a neutral third party, commonly referred to as a mediator. In the context of child custody, mediation is a process whereby separated parents in conflict try to come to an agreement related to the upbringing and care of their child(ren). Many parents wonder whether it’s mandatory for both parents to participate in mediation. We explore the important reasons why both parents should attend mediation and the benefits of doing so.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an effective way of resolving conflicts between parents who have separated but still share the responsibility for their child. The process involves a mediator who attempts to facilitate an agreement between the parties, helping them work through the issues that need to be resolved.

Why is mediation important for both parents?

Mediation can be an important aspect of the separation process, as it allows both parents to be involved in the decision-making process related to their child. The process is also less stressful for children, as it often leads to a more peaceful and predictable post-divorce settlement. Additionally, participating in mediation can help ensure a continued healthy relationship between both parents, preserving the child’s well-being.

Benefits of mediation:

  • Saves time: In contrast to the formal court process, mediation is a far more efficient and faster way to resolve disputes and come to an agreement.
  • Cost-effective: Mediation can be far less expensive than paying for extensive court representation or legal fees.
  • Confidentiality: Records of mediation are not made public, so it can be a good way to keep your family affairs private.
  • Flexibility: The process is flexible, allowing both parties to negotiate and find a solution that works best for everyone involved.
  • More likely to comply: When both parties come to an agreement on their own terms, they are more likely to follow through and comply with the end result, rather than having one party dictate the terms.

Do both parents need to attend mediation?

To achieve an agreement that works best for your child, both parents should be involved in the mediation process. By attending mediation together, both parents have the opportunity to share views, work towards a common goal in looking after their child, and ensure that the resulting parenting plan is fair to all parties involved.


It is essential for separated parents to attend mediation together. By working through issues and coming to an agreement, both parties can ensure that they are doing what is best for their child. Rhino Mediation understands that child custody and parenting disputes can be distressing and emotional. As professional mediator, we help parents navigate these difficult times by providing expert guidance and support in a neutral and respectful environment. Our goal is to assist in the resolution of disputes in a way that works for everyone involved.

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