Does Parental Alienation Affect the Children?

What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation has become common, especially these days, with increasing cases of divorce. Legally speaking, parental alienation is defined as a form of child abuse wherein custodial vilifies or belittles the child’s other parent.

Parental alienation is a documented phenomenon usually linked with familial scenarios involving separation or divorce. Parental alienation also pertains to a process or result of a child’s psychological manipulation to showing hostility and disrespect to parents, unwanted fear and more. This can also be a distinctive form of family violence and psychological abuse towards rejected members of the family or both children.

One of the common causes of parental alienation is that a parent wants to exclude other parents from the child’s life through friends, family members, and even professionals who are involved in the family, including judges, lawyers, and psychologists might contribute to the process.

This scenario usually leads to long term and even lifelong estrangement of children from one of their parents or from family members as adverse experiences resulting in the development of childhood trauma. This can further lead to increase risks of physical and mental illness that can be experienced for a lifetime. Click here to check out FAQ

Effects of Parental Alienation to Kids

In separation cases, parents attempt to utilize all ways of strategies to get custody of their kids. One such strategy is parent alienation wherein one partner attempts to plant terrible things in their child’s head which are mainly about their ex-partner. The point of such a move is to eliminate the presence of one parent from the child’s life. Based on some reports, every year, there is a very alarming number of more than 125,000 cases including estrangement or parental alienation.

Moreover, parental alienation detrimentally affects the child’s life and may bring about awful conduct later on. Children are to be supported and as a general rule, accept what their parents actually tell them. A parent who uses this ethicalness of children maliciously just to win a battle in court may end destroying their children. Tragically, the majority of parents see divorce as a fight they need to win without thinking about its real effects on the children.

Parental alienation is something that is happening right now. Some might consider this a practical move, but at the end of the day, it is the kids who suffer.

How to Prevent this from Happening

Parental alienation is common in families moving on their separate ways. To avoid this from happening, there are many possibly helpful things that you can do to stop this, and one of these is contacting a family mediation expert. This expert can help a lot in recovering the child-parent relation and making it neutral to avoid further embroiling children in parental disputes and conflicts.

Parental alienation can be a severe issue that can happen, but good thing is that family mediation is now available to somehow deal with this unpleasing scenario that fully affects any child negatively. Make sure to contact a reliable and trusted family mediation expert the moment you have been stuck in a parental alienation issue.

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