Family Mediation Costs

Costs Mediation: Family Mediation Costs

Mediation may take two to three hours and four meetings depending on the difficulty of the situation. In family mediation, the more information you’re able to provide, the faster the progress can be made during the sessions. The hourly fees charged by mediators are typically lower than the service fees charged by lawyers. Here are factors that can affect family mediation costs.

Legal Aid or Government Funded Family Mediation

  • Onsite Funding – For families in court, the government will pay for the mediation cost on the day of the session or the day they are in court. Commonly known as ‘onsite mediation,’ this is available in family law enforcement centers at the court location. It is provided by mediators and regulated by the government.
  • Off-Site Funding – Government subsidized, this type of funding is also known as offsite mediation fees are based in each party’s capital and income as well as the number of dependents. Although the entire costs mediation is not paid by for them, the fee can range from £100 per hour per session for those with under £14,999 annual income. If you have no dependent and with an annual income of £125, 000 or more, the average cost of mediation fee per hour is £235.

Private Family Mediation

Private family mediation cost can be charged as a flat rate or on an hourly basis and are generally shared by both parties as they agree. Both parties can pay equally, or the other less than the spouse, based on their agreement. Know that private mediators may require an upfront deposit, but not all of them. Every mediator has their billing arrangements for the mediating parties.

It is highly important for you to know that mediators also require most of the steps required by lawyers and in the court system. Advice from accountants, lawyers, and child specialists may be required. Full financial disclosure is also a must if you want to have an effective family mediation.

In mediation, however, both party can avoid the fees of preparing the initial stage of the court case that can cost £500 or even more. This can quickly escalate to thousands of dollars as the case drags on. Going to court can be very expensive and not many families have the financial capability to pay these fees right at the bat. Fees usually involve reviewing your capital and income and putting them down as disclosure materials that can include letters and correspondence and financial documents from both parties and third parties, assessments, and notes.

Not to mention the fees for meeting your lawyer many times, as well as researching for relevant issues. Other factors such as court fees, paperwork fees, reporter’s fees, and so on can add up to the cost of the lawsuit. In comparison with family mediation, the cost of the mediated settlement is less than £5000.  And for the party with a lawyer, that lawyer will charge them less than what they charge to their litigation clients. See our Halifax mediation office

If you lack finances to afford family mediation cost, you can apply for legal aid. Legal aid is a government-funded organization with mediators that can work with you by charging you less of sometimes free service. However, not all qualify for free mediation cost as you need to meet the current criteria set by legal aid and present solid proof that you are eligible for free mediation cost.


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