How Much Does Family Mediation Cost with Rhino Mediation?


Family mediation is a popular alternative to litigation when disputes arise between family members. The process involves working with a neutral third-party mediator to resolve differences and reach a mutually beneficial agreement. One of the biggest benefits of family mediation is its affordability. However, exactly how affordable can it be? In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into the cost of family mediation with Rhino Mediation, one of the leading providers of family mediation services in the UK.

How Does Mediation Cost Work?

The cost of mediation is often calculated based on an hourly rate. In most cases, a standard mediation session lasts between one and two hours. The hourly rate varies from one mediator to another, but the average cost can be expected to fall between £80-£220 per hour in the UK. Before proceeding with mediation, it’s essential to agree upon an hourly rate with the mediator.

What Factors Affect Mediation Cost?

Mediation costs can vary based on factors, including the mediator’s experience level and location. Additionally, the complexity of the dispute being mediated and the length of time the process requires significantly impact cost. High-stakes disputes typically require more mediation sessions, which equates to higher costs.

Mediation Costs and Fees with Rhino Mediation

The cost of mediation at Rhino Mediation is significantly lower than other mediators around the UK. Rhino Mediation is one of the most affordable family mediation service providers, with sessions starting at £100 per hour. The company provides up to four hours of legal aid funding per client to cover the cost of mediation, which means many clients don’t have to pay anything for their mediations.

Is Mediation Cost-Effective?

In comparison to litigation, mediation is an extremely cost-effective alternative. Mediation eliminates the high court costs and fees associated with taking legal action. It’s also a much faster process than court negotiation. Typically, mediation leads to a resolution in just a few sessions, whereas court proceedings last a year or longer. When considering the cost of mediation versus litigation, mediation is a clear winner.


Family mediation services are an affordable alternative to court proceedings, and the cost of mediation varies based on several factors. Rhino Mediation stands out from other mediators around the UK due to its cost-effective pricing. The company charges hourly, with legal aid funding covering sessions of up to four hours per client, allowing many clients to access mediation services completely for free. The cost-effectiveness of mediation is among its most significant appeals. It’s quicker, cheaper and avoids the emotional turmoil of a long legal process. When considering resolving family disputes, seeking mediation services like those offered at Rhino Mediation are worth exploring.

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