How to prepare a parental agreement for mediation

How to prepare a parental agreement for mediation

In the event of you undergoing separation, you should be rest assured to have a torrid time. Separations are not easy on the couple. The entire process would not only be inclusive of the pain of undergoing separation but would also give the couple several tensions and headaches. Several cases have been reported where the aforementioned problems occur. Most of these problems have been known to involve children. It would not be wrong to suggest that separation might be a good option for a couple to counter an unsuccessful marriage, but it certainly is not a good option for the child having a good future ahead, regardless of the separation. It would be the primary concern of the state to secure the future of the child.

For several divorcing parents, family court would recommend mediation services in order to work out difference pertaining to parenting plan along with visitation schedule. In most states, mediation has been deemed mandatory. Regardless, it has been private mediation or through the intervention of the court, mediation would be a great mode for you and other parents to work together for creating a parenting plan for the children.

What are the benefits of mediation?

During the mediation session for custody of the child, a trained mediator would act as a neutral third party in order to assist you and the other parent in working together. They would be required to work in tandem for developing a plan best suited to parent your child after divorce.

It would also help you resolve several issues in a single session or several ones. See our mediation locations.

Working with the other party during mediation would enable you to reduce conflict, as the third party would be overseeing the proceedings. It would enable you to take your time in order to reach an amicable solution that would suit the interest of the child in the best manner possible.

Bringing your own parenting plan to mediation

You could bring your own parenting plan to mediation. It would help you get your thoughts decently organized on a piece of paper. While preparing your plan, you would be thinking about custody of the child, finances, where you like your child should spend their days along with how your family intends to spend vacations and holidays.

It would be pertinent that you make parenting arrangements based on the following lines.

1. How would you decide on aspects pertaining to education, religion, and health of your child?
2. Who would have the custody of children? How much time would they spend with each parent?
3. How would you settle parenting issues arising in the future?

Important issues pertaining to planning for parenting arrangements

You would also be required to consider issues such as

– Your ability as a parent to cope with parenting issues
– The wishes of your children along with any special needs
– Relationship of your child with each parent
– Stage and age of development of your child
– Arrangements made for childcare before separation
Other specific issues that may affect your childcare needs would be family violence, serious mental and health issues along with substance abuse.

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