A Comprehensive Guide to Different Modes of Mediation Provided by Rhino Mediation

Mediation is a process of resolving conflicts between two or more parties through mutual agreement with the assistance of a neutral third-party mediator. It is an effective alternative to litigation that enables parties to reach a resolution in a faster, less formal, and more cost-effective way. Rhino Mediation is a reputable mediation service provider that offers various modes of mediation. In this article, we’ll explore the different modes of mediation provided by Rhino Mediation and how they can help resolve conflicts.


Different Modes of Mediation

Facilitative Mediation
Facilitative mediation is the most commonly used mode of mediation. This mode aims to facilitate communication between the conflicting parties and encourages them to develop their solutions. Rhino Mediation’s facilitative mediation process involves a neutral third-party mediator who assists the parties in discussing their concerns and interests, identifying common ground, and exploring mutually acceptable resolutions.

Transformative Mediation
Transformative mediation is focused on the parties’ transformative growth and empowerment. It is a process that empowers parties to communicate effectively, build new skills, and find mutually beneficial solutions. Rhino Mediation’s transformative mediation process includes a neutral third-party mediator who encourages parties to develop their communication skills, explore their respective needs, and generate mutually beneficial options.

Evaluative Mediation
Evaluative mediation is a process that focuses on providing feedback to parties on the strengths and weaknesses of their case. The mediator acts as an expert and provides parties with an evaluative opinion on the probability of success if the case were to proceed to trial. Rhino Mediation’s evaluative mediation process includes a neutral third-party mediator who offers legal advice and feedback on the legal issues of the case.

Med-Arb is a combination of mediation and arbitration. It is a hybrid process that involves an initial mediation phase where parties attempt to resolve their dispute through mutual agreement. If they are unable to reach a resolution, the mediator transitions into an arbitrator and makes a binding decision. Rhino Mediation’s med-arb process includes a neutral third-party mediator who transitions into an arbitrator if a resolution is not reached.


Rhino Mediation offers various modes of mediation to assist parties in resolving conflicts. Facilitative, transformative, evaluative, and med-arb are some of the different modes of mediation provided by Rhino Mediation. Each mode of mediation has its unique characteristics and benefits. By utilizing these modes of mediation, Rhino Mediation can help parties find mutually acceptable resolutions that are cost-effective, timely, and preserve relationships.

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