Mediation Fees


Rhino Mediation provides you a fair, fixed on mediation services. They don’t try to estimate how much you have in your bank account. They offer an excellent service. Fees are based on time booked.

It’s like a mediation service, which it is unfeasible to presume precisely how long you want to speak on each of many occasions. In spite of the willingness of the mediator to spend time researching and preparing for a live mediating meeting, there is no assurance that the standard one-day mediation meeting can be condensed to a half day.

In any case, it will not always be likely to lengthen a half-day mediation meeting. Therefore, Rhino Mediation strongly suggests that you book a full day. Below is the breakdown of Rhino Mediation services fee:

  • Pre-Mediation Consultation

    is £99 per person. It includes meeting with you and the one you like to mediate with. Performed by a skilled impartial family mediator. Sixty minutes meeting and half an hour preparation and follow up work. Assessing some other ways of coping with your issues.

  • MIAMs or Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings

    are £99 per person. This service includes meeting with the client and the person he and she like to mediate with. One-hour meeting and up to 30 minutes preparation and follow up work. Expert guidance in solving issues or disputes through mediation.

  • A pre-court form like Form A and C100

    is £49 per person: This included meeting and discussing the case. This is performed by a professional family mediator with years of experience in the court process. 20 up to 30 minutes meeting and preparation. Expert guidance in solving issues or disputes through mediation and assessing other means of coping with the matter.

Other Mediation Services and Corresponding Fees

  • Joint Mediation Meeting is £100 per person and for every hour. This service includes face to face meeting with you and the one you like to meditate with. This is done by professional family mediator and 90 minutes meeting during office hours.
  • Joint Mediation Meeting Extended is £80 for every person. This includes face to face meeting with you and the one you like to mediate with. A professional family mediator performs this. Four hours meeting and up to half an hour preparation and expert guidance in addressing the disputes.
  • Out of Office Mediation Meeting service is available for £125 for every person and every hour.

Factors that Affects the Mediation Fees

The costs for mediation, pre-mediation, and divorces are affected by many factors, such as:

Travel outside the area: Substantial mediation needing work over weeks or face to face meeting outside the area. The price comprises of daily rates and expenses. They will give an estimate if they have been available to discuss with you.

Fast Track Mediation Service

The professional mediator will try to accommodate your requests for necessity. If you request to go beyond a situation needing a temporary alteration of lifestyle, Sunday work or night work or odd circumstances, Rhino Mediator will do everything to assist. However, it will cost you a bit.

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