What Are The Common Questions Child Mediators Ask?


Divorce can be an incredibly stressful process for both parents and children alike. Mediation has become an increasingly popular approach as it allows for a more collaborative process, which ultimately minimizes any trauma that may come with divorce proceedings. If you’re considering a child mediator for your divorce, you may be wondering what kind of questions they’ll ask your child. This comprehensive guide will provide insight into the most common questions child mediators ask during their sessions.

1. “How would you describe your relationship with your parents?”

The mediator may ask this question to get a better understanding of the child’s overall relationship with their parents. Knowing this information can help with tailoring the mediation approach to meet the needs of the child.

2. “What do you think caused the breakdown in your parent’s marriage?”

The mediator may ask this question to allow the child to express their individual perspective. Often, children can feel like they are the cause of the divorce, and asking this question can alleviate that stress and provide them with a more accurate portrayal of the situation.

3. “What do you worry about most when it comes to your parents’ divorce?”

This question is asked to identify any specific concerns the child may have. It’s important to address these worries early on to ensure that the mediation process is based on open and honest communication.

4. “How do you feel about spending time with each parent?”

The mediator may ask this question to get an idea of how comfortable the child is with spending time with each parent. This information can be used to develop a structured mediation plan that meets the needs of all parties involved.

5. “How do you feel about the divorce proceedings?”

The mediator may ask this question to gauge what the child understands about the divorce proceedings. Having a clear understanding of the process can help children feel more comfortable and secure throughout the mediation process.

Giving Children a Voice in Mediation

Divorce is a complicated process, and it’s crucial to make sure that your children are supported and cared for throughout it. Child mediation can be an incredible resource for those going through a divorce as it allows for open communication and a more collaborative approach. At Rhino Mediation, we understand how important it is to make sure that your children’s mental health is prioritized throughout the mediation process. Our mediators ask the right questions to make sure that every child’s needs are met, and that they feel heard and validated. With Rhino Mediation, you can be confident that the entire process will be handled with care, and your children’s needs will be put first.

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