Deciding Which Mediation is Right for You?


Mediation is a cost-effective way to resolve disputes without court intervention. Whether it’s a business disagreement or a divorce settlement, choosing the best form of mediation can be confusing for those new to this process. We will explore the various forms of mediation offered by Rhino Mediation and help you decide which service best suits your needs.

Facilitative Mediation

Facilitative mediation focuses on communication and understanding. The mediator is only responsible for guiding communication between parties but cannot offer legal advice. The aim is to reach a compromise that is acceptable to both parties. Facilitative mediation is useful in building relationships and maintaining communication in the long term. This service is best for people who are not struggling with any legal issues and are willing to communicate openly.

Evaluative Mediation

Evaluative mediation is more formal than facilitative mediation and involves the mediator offering their opinion on the settlement possibilities and the potential outcome if the issue goes to court. The mediator’s role is to evaluate the situation and provide recommendations. This service is ideal for individuals who require legal expertise while resolving their dispute.

Transformative Mediation

Transformative mediation aims to transform the relationship between the parties involved, enabling them to understand their individual and collective perspectives and reach a mutual agreement that benefits both parties. The focus is not on the outcome, but on the transformation of the relationship. This service is best for individuals who want to restore the relationship, such as family members or business partners.

Narrative Mediation

Narrative mediation involves the parties exchanging narratives or stories about their dispute. The mediator’s role is to encourage the parties to share their story and help them identify the underlying issues. The aim is to achieve a deeper understanding of the situation and find a resolution that respects all parties involved. This service is ideal for individuals who require emotional support and a safe place to communicate their concerns.

Online Mediation

Online mediation is effective in situations such as international disputes or conflicts in remote locations. The mediator and the parties involved connect through online video conferencing tools. Online mediation is convenient and can be scheduled at any time that is suitable for all parties involved. This service is ideal for individuals who want to avoid the hassle of traveling and maintain social distancing guidelines during the pandemic.

Choosing the Right Mediation Service

Choosing the right mediation service can be daunting, but Rhino Mediation offers a variety of mediation services that cater to different needs. Depending on the nature of the dispute, individuals can choose from facilitated, evaluative, transformative, narrative, or online mediation. By selecting the right service, you can resolve conflicts in a cost-effective way, avoid court intervention, and maintain good relationships with the parties involved. Get in touch with Rhino Mediation today to learn more about our services and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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